'Eclectic Botanica' brand is a fusion of great attention to the tiny details, long-term interest in flowers' world and passion for
capturing all the beautiful moments. And this is an extraordinary opportunity to admire the unique beauty of familiar and exotic elements
of nature.

Irina is a professional photographer/graphic designer with a passion and love for flora and nature. She specialises in many different types of photography and has won several awards for large scale photos, as well as not being able to walk past the natural beauty of flowers and natures.

Her Macro Botanica collections are a series of photos of different flowers created using the stacking technique. The stacking technique is a technique in which a large number of photos, all of which have a different focal point, are stacked to create a sharp and crisp final product. The process is very tedious and meticulous and requires excellent attention to detail and care. To make the final product, anywhere in between 20 and 60 photos must be stacked to create what is ultimately the sharp image you get to buy.


Our brand philosophy aims at delivering joy to the people who view our pictures. Creating art that is pleasant to look at every day, art that produces feelings of contentment and harmony delights the eye, enhances the house's interior, and creates comfort – these are our primary goals.
So when we create our art, we don't just think about our own preferences but instead try to imagine other interiors, other people, and their tastes, needs and dreams.


Each of our prints is a result of a lengthy process of preparation and brainstorming. There are multiple drafts, trial photoshoots, the endless
search for the right angle and composition, meticulous post-production, trial prints and a final print finished with high-quality printing on high-end paper. Each step requires a large investment of time, energy and emotional contribution, and, in the end, we look at the final result with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Reimagine, Rediscover and Revive the beauty of the everyday