Hi, I'm Irina

a Digital Fine Artist and Photographer. With over 20 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Photographer specialising in Still-life, Travel, and Landscape, I'm currently diving deep into capturing the beauty of flowers and nature. My love for art and flowers dates back to childhood. My 1st memory of working with flowers was my summer internship when I was 12: we grew and dried flowers using semolina and made Ikebana arrangements. Does this remind you of anything? ☺️

Born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a city you might not have heard of! But thanks to Google Maps, the world feels smaller, doesn't it? My family, including my extra-talented husband Igor (eclectic-m.com and igormitin.com), and three amazing kids, two girls (7 and 14) and a son (17), relocated to Melbourne twelve years ago, and it feels like home now.

I adore travelling and hot-air ballooning! Just love exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and seeking out hidden photographic gems. Sometimes, my family finds themselves in the middle of nowhere or literally on the edge of an active volcano – the adventures we share are priceless. Plus, there's something truly magical about capturing aerial views from a hot-air balloon. I've glided over Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Bagan (Myanmar), and Inle Lake (Myanmar), capturing breathtaking moments from above.

Over the years, I've been honoured with several prestigious awards for my travel and botanical photography, including the Bluethumb ArtPrize, Unearthed Art Prize, The EPSON International Pano Awards, International Photography Awards, Photographer of the Year, The Mono Australian Photography and more.

My brand philosophy aims to bring joy to those who view my artwork. Creating art that is pleasant to look at every day and producing feelings of contentment and harmony delights the eye, enhances the house's interior, and creates comfort – these are our primary goals.

So when I create my art, I don't just think about my own preferences but instead try to imagine other interiors, other people, and their tastes, needs and dreams. Each of the prints results from a lengthy process of preparation and brainstorming. There are multiple drafts, trial photoshoots, the endless search for the right angle and composition, meticulous post-production, trial prints and a final print finished with high-quality printing on high-end paper.

Each step requires a significant investment of time, energy, and emotional contribution, but I am ultimately delighted with the final result.

And finally, there's so much more to share! Stay tuned as I continue to explore, create, and connect with all of you wonderful souls. Thank you for being a part of my journey! 💫✨


🌟 Unearthed Art Prize 2024 | Finalist
Art2Art Gallery

🌟 The ‘Bluethumb ArtPrize 2023’ | Finalist
Categories: Still-life, Founders Award.

🌟 The EPSON International Pano Awards | 2020 Bronze
Categories: Landscape/Travel.

🌟 International Photography Awards | 2020 Honourable Mention
Categories: Fine Art, Still Life; Landscape; Travel / Wanderlust; Panorama / Panoramic. 

🌟 Photographer of the Year | TOP-10 list
Categories: Black and White; Travel

🌟 The Mono Australian Photography Awards
Highly Commended and Top-20/Top-30 Lists
Categories: Places; People.


2024 Group Exhibition ‘Open Minds’
Where: ‘Art to Art’ Gallery, Melbourne

2023 Group Shows ‘LIMITLESS 2023’ & ‘Summer Series’
Where: 26 Advantage Gallery, Melbourne

2023 The Other Art Fair
Where: The Cutaway, Barangaroo, Sydney

2022 Exhibition ‘Meridians’
Where: G3 Artspace, Kingston Art Gallery, Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale

Kingston Arts, ‘Meridian’

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